Exemption Exam for Turkish (Dokuz Eylul University International Students)

The exam will be made ONLINE on 08 October 2020.

Click for the exemption exam system 


  • Please check the system before the exam day. If you have any problems getting in the system, please contact DEDAM.
  • Enter your mail address and your password. (The mail address is your Dokuz Eylul University mail address and your password is your mail address’ password.)
  • You will see a class named SINAV TR TR 1 on your homepage. Click that class.
  • Please read the instructions on the class page carefully. Further information about exam will be on the class page.
  • On the left side menu, you will see the title Kısa Sınav ve Testler. You will see your exam there.
  • The exam consists of multiple choice questions, fill-in the blanks questions and text writing.
  • Any form of cerfiticate won’t be given for indicating your language level after the exam.
  • Only a paper indicates the exemption of Turkish will be issued to students who entitled to study at Dokuz Eylul University.