Academic Turkish Programme For Turkish Scholarship Students

For attention of all our Turkish Scholarship Students,

Academic Turkish course will start on 07.09.2020 for our Turkish Scholarship students. Online lessons is compulsory for all the Turkish Scholarship students registered in 2019-2020 academic year.
It is compulsory to attend Academic Turkish course for those who have studied Turkish language courses and those who are exempted from Turkish language courses with the briefing given by Presidency For Turks Abroad And Related Communities.

• You can attend to the course at “” by using your username and password.

• Your username is the mail that is provided by the university, ends with “…”.

• Please try to access the system at least 1 hour before the actual lessons. If you occur any problem, you can get support by calling DEDAM. To watch videos on how to access to system click here.


Beginning Ending Course Days Course Hours
07.09.2020 02.10.2020 Weekdays 10.00-14.00